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Best jealous moments from castle season 4 Best jealous moments from castle season 4 Love brings about the best and the worst in us. Monday pre valentines day castle, season 4, show 15, demonstrated kate beckett(Stana katic)Darker or we could say greener?Side when she came one on one with castle(Nathan fillion)Starting muse:Sexy cia surgical sophia turner.Ain't nothing beats finding out you weren actually the first. Second after their initial attaining, beckett notices gorgeous cia agent sophia giving castle a lil extra attention and shoots her that mess with my man look we all seen at some point or another.Normally, seemed to be cute.Amount of. 4.Shown muses As if beckett wasn freaked out enough that castle and sophia end up with a past, she even more furious when she finds out castle modeled one of his heros, clara come up, next her. Wanted an up close and look at a female cia agent.And i also gave him one, sophia croons as castle anxiously slurps his a drink.Um, whoa! Then, beckett cuts in with gem of a jab, shooting the ball castle a look of contempt:Hate getting up this reunion, but we being against the law detained.Or, i'm. 3.Same staff? Castle can sense something not right in reference to his partner in crime(Helping you out with).In the elevator on the way outside the cia, castle brings up beckett discomfort with the sophia situation and tries to influence her that the three of them are in this together. All about the same team here, says adventure, with a little luck.We aren't.You're on her team because Cheap Pandora your physical appearance at her, you become sure as hell not on mine, beckett takes action. Straight clear. 2.Many woman have you semi stalked great deals on pandora charms in the url of research? Beckett and castle broach the main topic of his relationship with sophia a few times during the ep.This occasion, castle tries to convince beckett his liaison with turner was nbd. Was aged she had a lot to teach me, castle says this agreement beckett responds, i set your mind on.But when she asks how long the duo actually worked each and every, castle admits totally a year long affair. "What other women have you semi stalked in the interest of research, beckett retorts.Need some ice for burn, ralph? 1.Independent mom 1costume to be We all know kate beckett is one independent lil' lady.Rick wants to press the button on his cell phone that directly connected with sophia/the cia, but beckett tells you, not only probably still rescued by your girlfriend, tells beckett.