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17 apply to lead school district 17 apply to lead school district Delta a familiar name belongs to the nearly 20 candidates for the superintendent's pandora Bracelets: post in the pike delta york local school district. Robin the boy wonder rayfield, a former pdy school board member who is now the swanton local school centre superintendent, has applied for the career.In aug, he signed a two year an opportunity contract with the swanton board.Mister.Rayfield, towards delta, is a former pdy graduating principal. Resumes for the 17 applicants are hoped for to be presented to the pdy board during its meeting tuesday, pronounced john kaylor, deputy superintendent of the northwest ohio informative service center.The guts is assisting pdy school Cheap Pandora officials in the superintendent search process. Mister.Kaylor plans to have the field of candidates refined to about six by that meeting.Although Pandora Bracelets he will make tips about the top candidates, the school board can select any of the candidates for inclusion in the procedure.Ruben wilhelm, superintendent of the enlightening service center, is assisting to mr.Kaylor in the assessment. Selection job interview are scheduled for later in may.A committee of staff from local groups, which includes the teachers' union, will do preliminary interviews with the pdy board observing.The committee will provide the board information on candidates' good and bad points.Board members will select candidates for final selection job interview.A new superintendent could be named the actual pdy's june board meeting. Mister.Griggs, who retired as superintendent of time tested local schools before becoming superintendent here, initially had a two year contract with this pdy district.When he agreed keep away from, 2003, to stay take into account year, he indicated he could leave at the end of the contract.